What is the difference between a residential building designer and an architect?
While architects can create any type of structure, residential building designers specialize in residential applications only. This gives residential designers the advantage of knowing what materials and designs work collectively for the perfect home.

How does the process work?
Typically the process is broken into three stages. See our process page for details.

How long does the process take?
The length of time varies for each project. Smaller projects can take from three months and larger projects up to a year or longer.

What's my involvement?
The client's involvement is key to developing an efficient and effective plan. We need your input on the design, your "wish list," conceptual pictures, proposed furniture, etc., which helps us to evaluate your needs visually and verbally.

When do contractors get involved?
Contractors get involved at two points:

  1. Upon finalizing conceptual plans (preliminary bids)
  2. When we finalize construction documents to obtain final bids

How long does construction take?
Construction time can vary depending on the scope of the project and contractor availability. A more definitive answer can be given directly by those construction professionals once conceptual designs are finalized.

Do you manage the entire construction process?
Yes, we can.

Do you also offer design build services?

What are your fees?
Initially we work with clients on an hourly basis to come up with a finalized scope of work (conceptual design). After the conceptual design is developed we put together a flat fee bid to finalize the construction documents.

Is there a consultation fee?
At no charge you are always welcomed to call us to discuss your desired project. You can find our number on our Contact Us page.