The process is simple – we do all the work.

The design process can be very complex and many decisions must be made. At Design Studio we help simplify this process to help transform your vision into reality. At each phase we meet to enhance ideas and exchange information so you can make informed decisions. Bear in mind that the process will vary depending on the size of your project.

PHASE I: Discover Scope and Create Initial Designs

  • Hold initial consultation
    At our first meeting (held usually at the client’s residence) we will discuss your “wish list,” lifestyle, preliminary design ideas, construction costs, scheduling, scope of services, and city requirements needed to complete your project.

  • Prepare and deliver a written proposal to you
    The proposal describes the general scope of work, our fees, services, and list of other recommended professionals for your project (i.e. civil engineer, soils engineer, energy compliance, etc.).

  • Determine site measurements
    After the Proposal is accepted, we set-up an appointment to take measurements at your residence, sign the contract, fine-tune your "wish list," review pictures, and furniture list and sizes.

  • Create a layout of the site and floor plan (as built)
    We prepare these plans to research the city/county requirements for your project.

  • Prepare a conceptual design
    We now have direction from both the client and city/county, we can proceed to the preliminary design, which would include, but not be limited to:
    • Conceptual floor plans
    • 3D exterior perspective modeling, and
    • 2D drawings (elevations) as applicable

  • Review conceptual designs
    We review the conceptual floor plan designs with the clients, and refine them accordingly. Typically this involves meeting with you a few times.

  • Review conceptual exterior elevations
    Pending approval on above, we develop exterior elevations in keeping with the proposed architectural style.

  • Finalize conceptual plans and submit for preliminary contractor bids
    Pending your approval above, it is recommended that the plans be submitted to general contractors for preliminary bids (an average of three are recommended). If project is within budget, we then…

  • Submit to relevant city/county departments for architectural review, if applicable

PHASE II: Finalize Design Plans and Bids

  • Review preliminary details and finalize construction documents
    We may meet often with other professionals required or suggested for your project, such as an interior designer, cabinet designer or landscape designer. This is to review, for instance, final finishes, lighting, interior elevations, plantings, etc. After approval of the preliminary details, we can then submit the plans to a civil/structural engineer, Title-24 Specialist, and/or other professionals required for your project. We then compile information received from those professionals to complete the construction documents.
  • Review final plans and submit to appropriate city/county departments
    At this time, we initiate an appointment with the client to review the finalized plans and explain in more detail the process of city/county submittal. The client then summits the plans to city/county department for plan review and approval. At the same time, we provide plans for final bids from general contractors.

PHASE III: Finalize Documents with "Plan Check"

  • Plan Check agencies review construction documents for conformance
    Documents are reviewed for conformance to local and state requirements. Reviewers forward comments to our office where we make further minor modifications/notations.
  • Re-submit construction documentation to agencies
    Additional sets of construction documents are printed and the client re-submits to the city/county office for approval of building permit.